Humabird Project

The HumaBird project was based on the Strandentwiner tool built for OpenJoyce. Strandentwiner was built to allow two blocks of texts to be compared for rare words and common phrases, which allows Joycean Scholars to identify texts from which Joyce may have borrowed phrases. I was made aware that other modernist authors also engaged in similar practices and so turned the tool into one which could compare any two pieces of text. So far the tool has been used as part of two digital humanities PHDs – one in the USA and one in Australia.

As well as text analysis, the tool can analyse twitter and create visualisations and do similar things with Wikipedia via use of their respective APIs. You can see examples of work on the project examples blog. The Humabird site is a mixture of WordPress and BuddyPress using my own theme and plugins. Visualisations such as the Science of Shakespeare are possible using Humabird

The Humabird project is written in PHP and Javascript and is open source.

See Humabird Project on Github

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