Solvonauts is an OER (Open Educational Resources) repository (although some may call if a referatory). It indexes over 1,600 OER sites for content that is either public domained or CC licensed. If the content isn’t licensed or public domain, then it won’t appear in Solvonauts, unlike other OER search sites. As such, the solvonauts user, knows that every result is an OER. Despite this limitation, solvonauts is the largest OER site out there, index over twice as many OER as its nearest competitor.

Using a variety of custom PHP, Solvonauts can index RSS feeds, OAI endpoints, tumblr sites, mediawiki sites, slideshare accounts, youtube accounts and flickr accounts.

Solvonauts is also unique in that all of the code to run the site is open source and so you can run your own installation.

You can see solvonauts at

See Solvonauts on Github

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