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While employed at the University of Nottingham I helped to develop Xerte Online Toolkits (work for which I received two awards one national and one international). Xerte was a desktop tool, but we worked to help turn it into a web based tool so you could create your learning content online and not need to upload it separately. Working online also allowed you to collaborate on projects with others.

I helped to develop the early versions of the code, and then internationalised the site so it could run in different languages.

Some of the features Xerte has

  • Runs on a simple PHP / MySQL stack
  • Allows users to license materials via Creative Commons
  • Allows for deposition into the Xpert repository
  • Allows users to catalogue and supports Dublin Core Metadata
  • Built in accessibility

We used several Xerte items when developing our Coursera MOOC, English Common Law


See Xerte Online Toolkits on Github

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