World War One Centenary

download (20)World War One Centenary was a jisc funded project to help create openly licensed creative commons Open Education Resources to improve the range of materials for teaching people about World War One. As well as addessing a shortage of OER in this area, we also engaged in the use of Crowdsourcing (Arras95), Open Data, making our WordPress Plugins open source, Open Education and geodata.

As well as developing a WordPress theme, we extended WordPress using several plugins and extra features. Some of the ways it was extended included the bookmarks library (which became BookmarkPress) and a basic OAI endpoint to get resources into other repositories. We also added dublin core metadata throughout the site.

Several visualisations and tools where made for the site, making extensive use of the wikimedia API.

download (21)At the bottom of each post is also a series of easy tools to allow users to download pages and supports easy citation